Psycho-Pass Illustration Book part 7/???

Because most people aren’t familiar with Division 2 & 3, I decided to include a scan from the Official Profiling so you can see them in full colour. The illustration book only shows b&w character linears while the rest of the book is in colour.

The only characters whose names I know are Division 2’s Inspector Aoyanagi Risa & enforcer Kozuki Ryogo, and Division 3’s enforcers Momota Mai & Takami Ayaka. If someone feels like translating the other characters’ names, that’d be great!

Edit: Yellow tie guy is also an inspector with Risa for Division 2. Also it seems none of the other characters have names but those four characters. A big thanks to sora-namari for the info. :)


Cute little pokemon paint i did up real quick. 

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Harajuku in the snow over the weekend! Made a Tokyo snow video for YouTube and posted 1920x1080 versions of these pics on Flickr.



If you see a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb, you’re supposed to stick your arm out and hold your thumb over the cloud. If the cloud is larger than your thumb, you’re in the radiation zone and should evacuate. This is what Vault Boy is doing in the Fallout series.

I read about this a while ago, nuked my mind because I always thought he was just a happy chappy

» An Aquarius in their worst subject in school



Tuomas Korpi

Aquarius parent dealing with a complaining child.

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These were supposed to be just sketches but they turned out nice so i cleaned my lines and colored ; v ;)/ It’s genderbend Elsa, my version. I based the first pic from the Kings outfit (Elsa’s dad) because idk how Norwegian royalty dress like, forgive me if i got stuff wrong. I went derp with the second one haha.

Frozen Fanart. Elsa Genderbend